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Articles - Apologetics

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Origin of the Universe and the Purpose of Man  Science and the Bible are in perfect agreement concerning the origin of the universe, but this truth is suppressed by godlessness (i.e. materialism, atheism, and agnosticism) and by wickedness (i.e. false religion). Mankind is, therefore, without excuse for not “seeing” this truth and responding to it. Yet, the Creator has promised that those who relentlessly seek His truth will find it.

A compelling in-depth correlation of science, rationality, and revelatory scripture. Open


Mysteries of The Virgin Birth Revealed 

An exegetical examination of the birth of the unique God-man, Jesus Christ, through the virgin Mary and the seed of the Holy Spirit, demonstrating not only how God accomplished this, but why it was necessary. This cornerstone of Christian belief is seldom completely understood, but the revelatory truth is a beautiful confirmation of our faith. Open


The Shocking Truth About UFO’s, Ghosts and Psychic Powers

Are UFO’s really spacecraft belonging to an intelligent life-form from some other galaxy? If not, what is behind this phenomenon? Are ghosts real? If so, are they the departed souls of human beings? Can the living speak to the dead? Can human beings read the minds of other human beings or discern things about which they have no natural knowledge, like the fictional TV show, “Medium,”  or famous real life psychics like John Edwards? What about astrology, tarot cards, palm readers and other sources of divination? Real or imagined, is there a connection between all of these phenomenon? Open


The Creative Days: Were the "days" of creation literal 24 hour periods of time, or does scripture reveal something else?  Open / Printer-Friendly Version