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God's Prophetic Calendar God has provided us with a prophetic calendar for all of the primary events related to the redemption of an elect remnant of fallen mankind in Jesus Christ. The New Testament church has largely ignored this calendar first given to Israel in Leviticus 23, as though it does not belong to us.

But this calendar has been, and will be, fulfilled entirely in the New Testament. Therefore, the entirety of scriptural doctrine, including prophetic doctrine related to the body of Christ, MUST comply with a revelatory understanding of this calendar and with a revelatory understanding of the 
Covenant that this calendar defines. Open | Printer-Friendly Version

The Blood Covenant Covenant is the most essential doctrine in scripture, and the failure to correctly understand this doctrine corrupts the interpretation of all other scriptural doctrine, including biblical prophecy. Open

The Blood Covenant Chart A concise chart tracing God’s promise of redemption from Adam to Abraham to Jesus of Nazareth, providing a visual understanding of the fact that it has been God’s intention from before the foundations of the world to include the elect remnant of mankind in a single redemptive blood covenant in Jesus Christ. Open

God's Prophetic Calendar The appointed times and feasts of the Lord was provided to Israel and to us  upon whom the fulfillment of the ages has come, with a specific, detailed calendar for the seven specific events for the redemption of a remnant of fallen mankind as those events have been, and will be, fulfilled by Jesus Christ from His crucifixion to our eternal home in the New Jerusalem on an earth renovated by spiritual fire. Therefore, any doctrine, including prophetic doctrine, that does not, or cannot comply with a revelatory understanding of this calendar and a revelatory understanding of God's covenant relationship with a believing remnant of fallen mankind in Christ is demonstrated to be not only erroneous, but heretical. Open | Printer Friendly Version

Are We “Sinners” or “Saints”? A substantial change took place at the moment of saving faith. Those who were “sinners,” unable to respond by faith to the revealed will of God, became “saints,” (i.e. sanctified for the purposes of God). Saints still sin, but it is no longer their essential nature to sin. And those who deliberately seek to be transformed by their new nature in Christ will begin to walk in true righteousness by grace through faith. Open

Once Saved, Always Saved?  Is it possible to lose one’s faith in Christ after being “born again” and regenerated by the baptism of the Holy Spirit? The answer to this question is vital to all believers, but specifically vital for end time believers. Open / Printer-Friendly Version

The Other Tree God placed two supernatural trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life.

The primary revelation is that it was Adam’s passivity that created the opportunity for Satan to deceive Eve and separate mankind from their Creator, and it is our passivity, our failure to pursue the truth, promises, and commands of God with our whole body, soul, and spirit that continues to give Satan an opportunity to separate us from the revealed will and resurrection power of our Lord. Open

God’s Promised Covenant Blessings in Christ Many believers today are confused and disappointed when they ask the Father for healing or freedom from financial bondage and do not receive. But the promises of God are not ours individually. They are ours only in and through Jesus Christ, the Mediator and High Priest of our covenant with the Father. Though the Father frequently blesses us and meets our needs without our petition, it is our relationship with the Lord and the degree of our “hearing” and “obeying” that determines the effectiveness of our prayers in times of great need, whether for ourselves or for those on whose behalf we intercede. Open


Giant Killing Faith David demonstrated the important principles of radical faith. He waited on the Lord without presumption and without the need to draw attention to himself, and God tested him by allowing him to face the lion and the bear while guarding his earthly father’s sheep. The Lord also prepares us for the giants to come by first anointing us, then testing us, so that when the time comes to face the giants, we will respond to His anointing with absolute, determined obedience as we protect the Lord’s sheep without hesitation or fear. Open

The Law of Sowing and Reaping Spiritual laws exist whether we know about them or not and whether we are regenerated believers in Jesus Christ or not. It is, therefore, of great importance for individual believers to recognize that their thoughts, words, and actions are spiritual “seeds” that are either sowing to destruction or to blessing. Open


Worshipping in Spirit and Truth - The Lord's command is that those who worship the Father MUST worship Him in spirit and truth, but the current concept of "worship" in the modern, western, protestant church does not adequately fulfill this command...even in charismatic fellowships.

Once Saved, Always Saved?

The Calvinist doctrine of the unconditional, eternal security of the Believer, a.k.a. “once saved, always saved,” or “the perseverance of the saints,” though accepted as doctrinal fact by many protestants, will be one reason why many of those designated as “foolish virgins” in the parable of the ten virgins will be drawn into the rejection of their faith during the difficult times ahead. Open

"Lifesong" - The author's personal testimony of deep repentance. Open


“Dragonspeak” – A commentary on the writing of James Lloyd of Christian Media Network concerning the methodology of Satanic deception of which every Christian Believer should be aware. Open

“Mary Worship” by Mary Ann Collins – A former Roman Catholic nun
reveals the shocking origin and idolatry of attributing to Mary the four unique qualities of Jesus Christ Himself. Open

We Need Prophets! By A. W. Tozer – Truer now than it was then, and the somnolent “virgins” are in desperate need of being awakened by the prophetic voice. Open