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A Brief Bio -

Dr. Jay met Miss Diana in a music store in Memphis, Tennessee - they were married three weeks later. An image momentarily frozen in time pictures Dr. Jay beaming, a Judge staring wide-eyed into space and Miss Diana looking a little bit concerned.  That's been 5840 mornings of Miss Diana sitting across a breakfast table watching Dr. Jay eat corn flakes, sip black coffee and smile at her pretty face - there’s usually a bead of milk dripping down his chin.  They are very happily married.

            . . . ipso facto, they're writers, artist and Christian.  They have a Christian ministry - Dr. Jay & Miss Diana Ministries, Inc. - which caters to the Body through doctrine.

            Dr. Jay has three books in print:  A Brief History of Redemption, Bless His Holy Name (God’s Patter of Worship), and Faith (from Dr. Jay’s weekly newspaper column, “Faith”)

            They have written TV & radio commercials for:  McDonald’s, Tennessee & Alabama tourism, Wal-Mart, La-Z-Boy, Dell Computers, Austin Convention Center, Southwest Airlines, Texas Commerce Bank, Union Planters Bank, etc . . .

            They have recorded five CDs for Sho’ Nuff records:  Some Pretty Darn Good Songs, Eleven Plays For The Radio, When In Doubt Play Ten Pan South (live from tin pan south), Six Rhetoricals and Four Metaphors, and Click To Enter.  All available at: www.drjaymissdiana.com/SFTF.htm - and other fine stores.

            They are experimenting with this, and other internet type formats because some of their dear intensely investigative brothers have cast a few lots (an assortment of queries) into their laps - none of which would constitute an entire treatise – small or otherwise.  Be that as it may, a reflection or two seemed necessary to ward off their warmhearted scorn - thank the Lord that when “the lot is cast into the lap, the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord.”

            They hope you enjoy their narratives.