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End Times Church
"The Woman Clothed With the Sun" by William Blake


A clear, unsealed, revelatory understanding of the past, present, and future events and entities engaged in end time warfare against the kingdom of God

The Spirit of Truth is unsealing end times prophecy for the generation who will experience it, and it is the Lord’s intent, expressed in His warning, specifically given to end time Believers, “DO NOT BE LED ASTRAY,” (through deception) that we have a revelatory understanding of the metaphors and timelines related to the final form of the emerging end time beast kingdom so that we will be prepared for the trying times immediately ahead of us.

Part 1: Kingdom vs. Kingdom
Part 2: The Final Beast Kingdom
Part 3: The Four Horsemen
Part 4: The Little Horn
Part 5: The Temple Mount Movement
Part 6: BABYLON the Great
Part 7: The Image of the Beast

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Featured Article

The Awakening

Few believers are aware of a partially fulfilled prophecy given by the Lord revealing a unique spiritual AWAKENING to be experienced by the entire body of Christ prior to His return. Yet, this is the MOST important end time event yet to come for the true church prior to the return of the Lord.

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Final Instructions - Discipleship Study Guide


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New Book by Jim Sayles

Redemption of Israel

Was Israel redeemed two millennia ago by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, or is there another event in which “all Israel” will be saved?

This is the most important question to be answered concerning end time prophecy, and the truth will expose Satan’s end time schemes to the “wise.”

Available FREE in PDF format, Kindle epub or Kindle mobi by clicking on the link.