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Truth Part 3: God’s Covenant Intent in Christ

Understanding God's covenant intent in Christ clearly demonstrates that His intent, from before the foundations of the world, was for spiritual Israel, the Israel of God, including both Jews and Gentiles as one new man in Christ, not national, ethnic Israel.


Truth Part 2: The Deadly Triad of Error

The power of our faith is the absolute, immutable, didactic, revelatory truth of God, the “manna of God” that empowers the entirety of our faith responses including all of the administrative gifts of the Spirit as well as our individual ministry gifts and annointing of the Spirit.


Truth Part 1 – The Authority for Truth

Truth is not what we believe. We might believe the truth, but truth itself is an absolute. So how can we individually determine and confirm what is, and what is not, the true intent of the Father in scripture? And why is it important to know and conform to the truth in all things? Isn’t it enough just to know and believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior?


Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Unsealed and Revealed

The popular notion that “the tribulation” is a seven (7) year event taking place after the church is whisked away in a secret “rapture” was originallly made popular by a single individual, Sir Robert Anderson, a Scotland Yard detective made famous by his part in the unsolved Jack the Ripper serial murders in London.