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The Temple Mount Movement

The author confronted this group and their "Christian" supporters in a public meeting in San Angelo, Texas, and was shocked to realize how many "Christians" were completely unaware of the fact that the rebuilding of the temple is an antichrist denial that the Messiah has already come. Those who support this ministry, then, are supporting the antichrist "man of sin" and his future claim to be THE "Messiah" come to rule the world with an iron rod.


REVELATION: The Lord’s Letter to the END TIMES CHURCH Chapters 2 and 3: The Lord’s Demand for Repentance

The Lord's letter to the end times church as recorded in Chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation has been misconstrued through the ages due to the failure of many to receive the true message that only comes as the Spirit of truth guides us into the rhema truth of what has been written at the appropriate time. This message has been applicable to the body of Christ since it was given directly to John by the Lord. Yet, it is to this present generation for whom this message is critical in these end times.



The author was confronted by the Lord in a dream in which he discovered that he had forgotten his lifesong. And, upon discovery, he instantly realigned with his lifesong, which is the anointing and purpose of God in Christ. If we forget our lifesong (stray away from the anointing and purpose of God in Christ) we are no longer manifesting His truth, His promises, His commands, and His ministry in and through Him. But if we sing our lifesong out loud we are manifesting the glory of Christ for His purposes.


The Shocking Truth About UFO’s, Ghosts, and Psychic Powers

The author was drawn into Transcendental Meditation while living in Tasmania, where he experienced the so-called "deeper things of Satan." Ultimately he was delivered by the Lord to be a faith empowered witness against Satan, and a minister of freedom to those in similar bondage. The various empowerments and so-called deeper things of Satan are exposed for the benefit of those who might be compelled to unknowingly seek the enticing empowerment of Satan that ultimately leads to death in the eternal sense. The author's experience also gave him insight into various Satanic deceptions and all false religions. 


The prophecy given to the Lord’s own apostles concerning the entire future of both the world and the body of Christ from His crucifixion and resurrection forward

Matthew 24 and 25, the Lord's response to His disciples' question, "Tell us, when shall these things be, and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?" This is the same question we are asking today, and the the straightforward answer He gave them is very clear. Then He gave them a series of parables that illustrate details of the outline given to them as recorded in Matthew 24. This should be the "go to" passage of any believer who is asking the same question His immediate disciples asked Him.


Truth Part 2 – The Deadly Triad of Error

It is the absolute, immutable, didactic, revelatory, rhema truth of God, the “manna of God” that empowers the entirety of our faith responses including all of the administrative gifts of the Spirit as well as our individual ministry gifts and anointings of the Spirit. It is, therefore, Satan’s primary purpose to hinder our obedient faith responses, and our unity, through the corruption of God’s absolute, immutable, didactic, rhema truth. The deadly triad of flesh-driven error assaulted against the truth of God are false presumption, Assumption, and Deception. These are explained in full so that the student of the Word will recognize them as these impact their own examinations of scripture.


Mysteries of the Virgin Birth Revealed

Mary the virgin gave birth to Jesus of Nazareth who was born without the sin nature, because Mary's egg was impregnated by the seed of the Holy Spirit. This was necessary in order for Jesus, as the "son of man" to fulfill all the law and the prophets as a man. Then, as a man, innocent before God, He was crucified on Passover for the sins of all mankind. Then when He ascended into heaven and sat at the right hand of the Father, the covenant between God, the Father, and man, was fulfilled in Christ. Therefore, all mankind whether reckoned by the Father as righteous on whatever basis the Father has chosen, or by faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is included in the eternal covenant.  


The Lord’s Letter to the End Time Church

Revelation chapters 2 and 3 record a letter given to John for seven distinct churches in his day. The commendations and rebukes literally applied to those seven churches, but what is demonstrated is that this is also the Lord's letter to these same types of the church during the 4th - 7th seals of "Tribulation" and "Great Tribulation." Therefore, it is even more important for the end time church to read, head, and obey than it was for those seven churches in John's day. The understanding given to us by the Spirit of truth, and our response to the Lord's instructions is even more critical for believers today than it was in John's day.