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  • Final Instructions

    A personal or group discipleship Bible study guide uniquely inspired and formatted t promote a revolutionary, powerful, and very real relationship between the Lord and His disciples.
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  • THE GREAT ADVENTURE of the End Time Church

    Jim Sayles, author of “UNMASKING the End Time Beast Kingdom,” has followed up with a companion book that chronicles the glorious, but unexpected future of the end time body of Christ.

  • The Redemption Of Israel

    The singular doctrine to which the entire matrix of revelatory truth is intricately connected is the doctrine of soteriology (salvation), and the core truth of this doctrine is the believer’s covenant relationship with the Father through our incorporation into the spiritual body of Jesus Christ by faith. The Redemption of Israel answers all of the questions concerning how God has redeemed, and will redeem, a remnant of fallen mankind from Adam forward, identified as spiritual Israel, the Israel of God in Christ, through this singular redemptive covenant.

  • Unmasking The End Time Beast Kingdom

    The great end time prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Matthew 24 and 25, and Revelation, among many others, are now being UNSEALED by the Spirit of truth for the purpose of preparing the generation of “wise virgins” of the end time church who will be tested and proved as they overcome the intense deceptions, troublous times, and persecutions to come.
    Also available from Amazon and select book stores.