The goal of apologetics is to present the truth of God in a manner that causes both believers and unbelievers to weigh and consider the evidence in scripture that demonstrates both the origin and existence of an eternal God as well as His purpose for both the creation itself and specifically for His created spirit-being, man, temporarily living in a body of flesh.

The Creative Day

Every elementary student in the United States and the western world is confronted by the apparent conflict between what is taught in the public schools and what is taught in Sunday School about the creation. And, without revelatory confirmation, parents and authorities in the church argue what they presume is the “faith” position, that God created the universe, the earth, and all living things on the earth in six, twenty-four hour days. But is this really the “faith” position? Does Genesis really present the creation of the material universe, the earth, and mankind as taking place in six twenty-four hour days?


Mysteries of the Virgin Birth Revealed

Mary the virgin gave birth to Jesus of Nazareth who was born without the sin nature, because Mary's egg was impregnated by the seed of the Holy Spirit. This was necessary in order for Jesus, as the "son of man" to fulfill all the law and the prophets as a man. Then, as a man, innocent before God, He was crucified on Passover for the sins of all mankind. Then when He ascended into heaven and sat at the right hand of the Father, the covenant between God, the Father, and man, was fulfilled in Christ. Therefore, all mankind whether reckoned by the Father as righteous on whatever basis the Father has chosen, or by faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is included in the eternal covenant.