All Things Whatsoever I Have Commanded You

Satan’s primary weapon is deception, manifested as the lies he has managed to plant into church doctrine and practice through deceived men and women. These lies, identified in military terms as “propaganda” have not only divided us, but also robbed us of the full measure of His commission until the end of the age. Over the centuries the original fullness of the Lord’s presence manifested in and through the body of Christ began to fade as the organized church became spiritually drowsy through Satanic deception leading to the dependency of men on their own scholarship and intelligence. There is, then, no excuse for our disobedience and our division, because the Lord empowered us by the Holy Spirit to receive His absolute, unifying, immutable, truth, covenant promises, and commands through the Holy Spirit.


The Temple Mount Movement

The author confronted this group and their "Christian" supporters in a public meeting in San Angelo, Texas, and was shocked to realize how many "Christians" were completely unaware of the fact that the rebuilding of the temple is an antichrist denial that the Messiah has already come. Those who support this ministry, then, are supporting the antichrist "man of sin" and his future claim to be THE "Messiah" come to rule the world with an iron rod.


The Shocking Truth About UFO’s, Ghosts, and Psychic Powers

The author was drawn into Transcendental Meditation while living in Tasmania, where he experienced the so-called "deeper things of Satan." Ultimately he was delivered by the Lord to be a faith empowered witness against Satan, and a minister of freedom to those in similar bondage. The various empowerments and so-called deeper things of Satan are exposed for the benefit of those who might be compelled to unknowingly seek the enticing empowerment of Satan that ultimately leads to death in the eternal sense. The author's experience also gave him insight into various Satanic deceptions and all false religions. 


Warning From Voices of the Past

The doctrines and writings of the early church fathers, prior to the council of Nicaea in 325AD, including John's protege, Polycarp, are united concerning their understanding of end time events. We should not ignore these in the heavily divided opinions and doctrines of the modern church.