The Promised Covenant: the most important understanding that the body of Christ can have concerning “things to come”

Every doctrine, every interpretation of scripture, especially prophetic scripture, that we believe by faith, having “heard” the truth with spiritual ears and “seen” the truth with the eyes of our heart, hinges on our understanding that there is now, and always has been, only ONE redemptive covenant between God and man, the eternal covenant written in the blood of Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and man. Thus, every man from Adam to the last millennial saint whose name is written in the Lamb’s book of life, is redeemed by this one covenant and none other.


The Temple Mount Movement

The author confronted this group and their "Christian" supporters in a public meeting in San Angelo, Texas, and was shocked to realize how many "Christians" were completely unaware of the fact that the rebuilding of the temple is an antichrist denial that the Messiah has already come. Those who support this ministry, then, are supporting the antichrist "man of sin" and his future claim to be THE "Messiah" come to rule the world with an iron rod.


Warning From Voices of the Past

The doctrines and writings of the early church fathers, prior to the council of Nicaea in 325AD, including John's protege, Polycarp, are united concerning their understanding of end time events. We should not ignore these in the heavily divided opinions and doctrines of the modern church.