Faith & Doctrine

Faith & Doctrine
As instructed in John 16:13, interaction with the Spirit of truth is required in order to receive the revelatory truth of God that inspires genuine faith responses to the truth, promises, and commands of the Lord. What is presented herein is the fruit of obedience to this “guidance” and “confirmation” by the Spirit of truth.

Deception Proofing

The primary warning given to the church by the Lord, with special emphasis for the end times church, is DO NOT BE DECEIVED. This warning specifically relates to false Christs, false prophets, and “doctrines of demons” secretly introduced into the body of Christ through satanically inspired men masquerading as ministers of righteousness. It also relates to the authoritative presumptions of men who are disconnected from the revelation of the Spirit of truth in their painstaking intellectual examinations of biblical scripture. Our example from the OT are the Pharisees, the intellectual giants of Israel who knew by memory every prophetic reference to the first advent of the Messiah, but completely missed Him as He lived out every single prophetic detail in their very presence. This is not unlike the intellectual giants of the organized church today, with doctorates in biblical Hebrew and Greek, who are, in large part, missing the revelatory details concerning the second advent of the Messiah.


All Things Whatsoever I Have Commanded You

Satan’s primary weapon is deception, manifested as the lies he has managed to plant into church doctrine and practice through deceived men and women. These lies, identified in military terms as “propaganda” have not only divided us, but also robbed us of the full measure of His commission until the end of the age. Over the centuries the original fullness of the Lord’s presence manifested in and through the body of Christ began to fade as the organized church became spiritually drowsy through Satanic deception leading to the dependency of men on their own scholarship and intelligence. There is, then, no excuse for our disobedience and our division, because the Lord empowered us by the Holy Spirit to receive His absolute, unifying, immutable, truth, covenant promises, and commands through the Holy Spirit.


Seizing the Kingdom of God with VIOLENCE

A very interesting passage in Matthew 11 is essential to our understanding of what the Lord expected of His immediate disciples and continues to expect from true “born again” disciples today as we are faced with escalating warfare between the beast kingdom and the kingdom of God in Christ. Strong’s identifies this “violence” as: “a share in the heavenly kingdom is sought for with the most ardent zeal and the intensest exertion”. Seizing the Kingdom of God is also demonstrated in the "armor of God" passage in which we are told how to seize the full armor of God so that we are equipped to do battle with the beast kingdom. This armor is not automatic with the new birth. It must be pursued with great zeal as is demonstrated in the Matthew 11 passage. 


The Deadly Triad of Error

How important is the rhema truth of God? Our reception and obedient faith responses to the absolute, immutable, didactic, revelatory word of God is the only way in which we will individually or corporately overcome the assaults of the beast kingdom against us and ultimately prevail against it as we manifest the presence and glory of Christ through our obedient faith responses to His truth, promises, and commands. For that reason, we need to be aware of the deadly triad of error assaulted against the body of Christ to divide us and weaken us by preventing us from receiving and responding to the absolute, immutable, rhema truth of God. Then it will be through our understanding of this truth intended by the Author and Authority for all truth, that we will individually and corporately be empowered to overcome the enemy’s assaults against the kingdom of God in the earth as well as the enemy’s assaults against us individually.


The Authority for TRUTH

John 16:13-16 perfectly reveals the Authority for truth, and how the Spirit of truth conveys and confirms His rhema word to us concerning the Lord's truth, His covenant promises, and His commands. It is this word spoken into our hearts, our spirit-soul connection, that enables us to walk by faith in the truth, promises, and commands of our Lord. All else is mere religion. 


The Jezebel Spirit

Which Christian traditions practiced by almost the entire church of Jesus Christ have their origins in Babylonian false religion? How can we tell the difference between doctrines of demons and doctrines of the Spirit of truth? What is “the cup of demons” that many Christians are participating in? How is the Jezebel spirit influencing the church of Jesus Christ to produce the great end times apostasy of the “foolish virgins”? What is the responsibility of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in regard to false doctrines, false practices, and false religious traditions? What is our individual responsibility? And what are the consequences if we do not “hear” and “heed” what the Lord is saying to the church in this regard?


The Other Tree

As a volitional creation, Adam could have chosen to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life, but he didn’t. The ultimate consequence for him and for all mankind was disastrous. Those who are born again believers in Jesus Christ have the same choice to make today. Will we eat from the tree that is Christ so that we glorify Him, or will we eat from the tree of our flesh, the world, and Satan, so that we unknowingly glorify the flesh, the world, and Satan?


What does it take to become a “friend” of the Lord

The answer may not be what you think, and those who qualify may not be whom you might expect to qualify. One of the most exciting and least recognized promises that the Lord made to the church was that He would make Himself real (manifest Himself) to the ones who demonstrated that they truly loved Him by their obedience (through faith) to the revealed truth, promises, and commands of the Lord. He who has my commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves M e will be loved by my Father; and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him . John 14:21 NASB Then He said that those who demonstrated that they truly loved Him by “having” and “obeying” His commands, would be His “friends.” You are My friends if you do what I command you. John 15:14 NASB What He did not tell them was that their obedience to the rules, expectations of performance, and doctrines of their specific denomination would cause them to be His "friends."


Worshipping in Spirit and Truth

The primary modern concept of worship in the majority of organized churches is the "worship service" where we sing corporate praises to our Lord. This is not altogether wrong. It is right for us to praise the Lord for what He has done, is currently doing, and will do for the body of Christ. And it is an opportunity for us to experience a deep emotive gratitude toward our Lord for what He has done and what He will do in the future. But there is a more important understanding of PRAISE that we desperately need to be aware of.