Faith & Doctrine

Faith & Doctrine
As instructed in John 16:13, interaction with the Spirit of truth is required in order to receive the revelatory truth of God that inspires genuine faith responses to the truth, promises, and commands of the Lord. What is presented herein is the fruit of obedience to this “guidance” and “confirmation” by the Spirit of truth.

Truth Part 1: The Authority for Truth

The vast majority of Christianity has accepted our division into thousands of denominations and millions of rabbinic opinions concerning the truth, promises, and commands of God in Christ as “normal.” (i.e. functioning perfectly as designed to function). But God’s intent for us is to be united in His absolute, immutable, revelatory truth, the truth that empowers our faith and manifests the presence, power, and glory of the kingdom of God in Christ.


God’s Prophetic Calendar for the Seven Primary Events of Covenant Redemption in Christ

The Father has given us a calendar for the seven primary events of covenant redemption in Christ. It was originally Israel's calendar, but in spite of celebrating this calendar religiously, Israel failed to discern the time of their redemption, and these were judged for their failure as recorded in Luke 19:43-45.  This is now our calendar, the calendar for the redemption of spiritual Israel, the "Israel of God" in Christ. And those who fail to recognize the application of this calendar to events in our immediate future are in danger of rejecting their faith during the unexpected time of testing immediately ahead of us. 


Truth Part 3: God’s Covenant Intent in Christ

Understanding God's covenant intent in Christ clearly demonstrates that His intent, from before the foundations of the world, was for spiritual Israel, the Israel of God, including both Jews and Gentiles as one new man in Christ, not national, ethnic Israel.


Truth Part 2: The Deadly Triad of Error

The power of our faith is the absolute, immutable, didactic, revelatory truth of God, the “manna of God” that empowers the entirety of our faith responses including all of the administrative gifts of the Spirit as well as our individual ministry gifts and annointing of the Spirit.


Five Smooth Stones

The story of David and Goliath is a revelation of how God's anointing of believers at the moment of saving faith is matured through the testing of our faith over a period of time to ultimately manifest the glory, the truth, the power, and the love of God in Christ through our anointing.