Faith & Doctrine

Faith & Doctrine
As instructed in John 16:13, interaction with the Spirit of truth is required in order to receive the revelatory truth of God that inspires genuine faith responses to the truth, promises, and commands of the Lord. What is presented herein is the fruit of obedience to this “guidance” and “confirmation” by the Spirit of truth.

The Shocking Truth About UFO’s, Ghosts, and Psychic Powers

The author was drawn into Transcendental Meditation while living in Tasmania, where he experienced the so-called "deeper things of Satan." Ultimately he was delivered by the Lord to be a faith empowered witness against Satan, and a minister of freedom to those in similar bondage. The various empowerments and so-called deeper things of Satan are exposed for the benefit of those who might be compelled to unknowingly seek the enticing empowerment of Satan that ultimately leads to death in the eternal sense. The author's experience also gave him insight into various Satanic deceptions and all false religions. 


Truth Part 2 – The Deadly Triad of Error

It is the absolute, immutable, didactic, revelatory, rhema truth of God, the “manna of God” that empowers the entirety of our faith responses including all of the administrative gifts of the Spirit as well as our individual ministry gifts and anointings of the Spirit. It is, therefore, Satan’s primary purpose to hinder our obedient faith responses, and our unity, through the corruption of God’s absolute, immutable, didactic, rhema truth. The deadly triad of flesh-driven error assaulted against the truth of God are false presumption, Assumption, and Deception. These are explained in full so that the student of the Word will recognize them as these impact their own examinations of scripture.