We have entered into that time identified by Daniel in which biblical prophecy concerning the end times is being progressively unsealed by the Spirit of truth in order to warn and prepare the generation who will experience them. This progressive unsealing will lead to a rapid increase in the number of awakening virgins who will receive and respond to the revelatory truth of end times prophecy just as He has planned.

The Awakening

Each time I hear “Awakening” by Hillsong I experience a deep anguish and longing in my spirit for the awakening of the body of Christ at large so that we might manifest the unified fullness and glory of Jesus Christ in a dark world.


Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Unsealed and Revealed

The popular notion that “the tribulation” is a seven (7) year event taking place after the church is whisked away in a secret “rapture” was originallly made popular by a single individual, Sir Robert Anderson, a Scotland Yard detective made famous by his part in the unsolved Jack the Ripper serial murders in London.