We have entered into that time identified by Daniel in which biblical prophecy concerning the end times is being progressively unsealed by the Spirit of truth in order to warn and prepare the generation who will experience them. This progressive unsealing will lead to a rapid increase in the number of awakening virgins who will receive and respond to the revelatory truth of end times prophecy just as He has planned.


The most important truth we need to have is the absolute, immutable, revelatory (rhema) truth concerning God’s covenant relationship with an elect remnant of mankind in Christ. And the most dangerous lies we may believe are those lies that deny this truth.


Matthew 24 and 25: The Lord’s Answer to His Disciples Question Concerning Things to Come

I find it both strange and disturbing that those who propose a pre-tribulation “rapture” of the church are ignoring the Lord’s very clear prophetic response to His disciples’ question, “When will these things happen, and what will be the signs of your coming and of the end of the age? ” This is the same question we are asking today, and any search for the truth should begin with an examination of the answer He gave to His immediate disciples who wrote it down for His future disciples who would experience these events. Any understanding of end time prophecy that is in disagreement with the Lord’s own answer is then, a false prophecy.


The Papacy Connection – A Historic View of the Origin of the “Pre-tribulation Rapture Theory”

Few Christian believers are aware of the origin and history of the various conflicting doctrines concerning "things to come." The history of the most popular protestant doctrine concerning things to come is demonstrated in detail for the edification of those astute Christians who are not content with just assumptively accepting doctrines related to salvation and related end times prophecies concerning the church without a thorough Spirit-guided, Spirit-confirmed examination of those doctrines.  What is demonstrated in this article is the history of the development of the Dispensational (multiple covenants of redemption), Zionist (Jewish supremacy in the covenant intent of the Father) doctrine of a pre-tribulation "rapture" of the church.  


Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy UNSEALED and REVEALED

Daniel 9:24-27, was not unsealed by the Spirit of truth until the generation who would experience these events were present in the world. This prophecy is now unsealed for the generation who will experience it. "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."


The 144,000

An unusual and misinterpreted prophetic passage found in Revelation concerns what appears to be 144,000 Jewish male virgins (12,000 from each tribe) sealed by God immediately before the opening of the 7th seal identified elsewhere as the 3.5 years of "great tribulation." Yet, this prophecy is not literal in terms of the true identity of the 144,000, nor is the number of this group literal. What is clearly identified was hidden from our understanding until the generation who will experience it was present. "Virgins" is not literal, but represents those who are innocent before God in Christ. Nor is the number 144,000, but represents the perfection of the body of Christ consisting of both Jews and Gentiles who have overcome during the 4th, 5th, and 6th seals of "tribulation." This generation is now present with us, and the prophecy has been unsealed for their understanding. This is, then, one of the most encouraging prophecies in all scripture, and it is confirmed in in numerous other passages including Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy as well as Matthew 24 and 25.


The Temple Mount Movement

The author confronted this group and their "Christian" supporters in a public meeting in San Angelo, Texas, and was shocked to realize how many "Christians" were completely unaware of the fact that the rebuilding of the temple is an antichrist denial that the Messiah has already come. Those who support this ministry, then, are supporting the antichrist "man of sin" and his future claim to be THE "Messiah" come to rule the world with an iron rod.


The Lord’s Letter to the End Time Church

Revelation chapters 2 and 3 record a letter given to John for seven distinct churches in his day. The commendations and rebukes literally applied to those seven churches, but what is demonstrated is that this is also the Lord's letter to these same types of the church during the 4th - 7th seals of "Tribulation" and "Great Tribulation." Therefore, it is even more important for the end time church to read, head, and obey than it was for those seven churches in John's day. The understanding given to us by the Spirit of truth, and our response to the Lord's instructions is even more critical for believers today than it was in John's day. 


Storm Warnings

A series of prophetic dreams concerning the coming storm of the Lord indicating that it will come suddenly, like a tsunami, threatening to destroy everything in its path. But the righteous will be picked up and carried along with the Lord as they are filled with strength and purpose as they minister in the storm, overcoming every assault of the beast kingdom. The coming storm is not, then, something to fear, but a time of complete revival for the "wise virgins" of the end times church under the guardianship of Michael, the great archangel of the covenant, as these bring in the harvest of the multitude in the face of the worst Satan can do through his beast kingdom.