We have entered into that time identified by Daniel in which biblical prophecy concerning the end times is being progressively unsealed by the Spirit of truth in order to warn and prepare the generation who will experience them. This progressive unsealing will lead to a rapid increase in the number of awakening virgins who will receive and respond to the revelatory truth of end times prophecy just as He has planned.

Matthew 24 and 25 The Lord’s answer to His disciple’s question concerning the time of the end

Immediately prior to His crucifixion the Lord's disciples asked Him, "What will be the signs of your coming and of the end of the age?" This is what his disciples today are still asking, and His response is still clear and succinct, though it has been corrupted through the ages by volumes of false doctrine. But those who have "ears to hear" will clearly understand as the Holy Spirit guides them and confirms the truth to them for their benefit. 


Are We In the END TIMES?

In Matthew 24 the Lord gave us four categories related to events immediately prior to His return. These are "not yet the end," "the beginning of birth pains," "tribulation," and "great tribulation." In addition, He identified seven seals that would be opened progressively identifying seven progressive stages that the body of Christ would experience prior to His return on some future 1 Tishri, feast of atonement. And, as recorded in Revelation, He identified four horsemen, representing the spiritual entities controlling the horses, the men and institutions of men, whose color indicate the nature and purpose of the men and their institutions controlled or influenced by the spiritual "rider," horsemen. The understanding of these scriptural descriptions is now available to the generation who will experience them as the Spirit of truth "guides" us into a revelatory understanding.    


God’s Prophetic Calendar for the Seven Primary Events of Covenant Redemption in Christ

The Father has given us a calendar for the seven primary events of covenant redemption in Christ. It was originally Israel's calendar, but in spite of celebrating this calendar religiously, Israel failed to discern the time of their redemption, and these were judged for their failure as recorded in Luke 19:43-45.  This is now our calendar, the calendar for the redemption of spiritual Israel, the "Israel of God" in Christ. And those who fail to recognize the application of this calendar to events in our immediate future are in danger of rejecting their faith during the unexpected time of testing immediately ahead of us. 


The Awakening

Each time I hear “Awakening” by Hillsong I experience a deep anguish and longing in my spirit for the awakening of the body of Christ at large so that we might manifest the unified fullness and glory of Jesus Christ in a dark world.


Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Unsealed and Revealed

The popular notion that “the tribulation” is a seven (7) year event taking place after the church is whisked away in a secret “rapture” was originallly made popular by a single individual, Sir Robert Anderson, a Scotland Yard detective made famous by his part in the unsolved Jack the Ripper serial murders in London.