We have entered into that time identified by Daniel in which biblical prophecy concerning the end times is being progressively unsealed by the Spirit of truth in order to warn and prepare the generation who will experience them. This progressive unsealing will lead to a rapid increase in the number of awakening virgins who will receive and respond to the revelatory truth of end times prophecy just as He has planned.

The Lord’s Letter to the End Time Church

Revelation chapters 2 and 3 record a letter given to John for seven distinct churches in his day. The commendations and rebukes literally applied to those seven churches, but what is demonstrated is that this is also the Lord's letter to these same types of the church during the 4th - 7th seals of "Tribulation" and "Great Tribulation." Therefore, it is even more important for the end time church to read, head, and obey than it was for those seven churches in John's day. The understanding given to us by the Spirit of truth, and our response to the Lord's instructions is even more critical for believers today than it was in John's day. 


Storm Warnings

A series of prophetic dreams concerning the coming storm of the Lord indicating that it will come suddenly, like a tsunami, threatening to destroy everything in its path. But the righteous will be picked up and carried along with the Lord as they are filled with strength and purpose as they minister in the storm, overcoming every assault of the beast kingdom. The coming storm is not, then, something to fear, but a time of complete revival for the "wise virgins" of the end times church under the guardianship of Michael, the great archangel of the covenant, as these bring in the harvest of the multitude in the face of the worst Satan can do through his beast kingdom.


Paul’s Unknown Prophecy

In Ephesians 4:11-19 Paul revealed a prophetic promise concerning the ultimate generation of the body of Christ. In this he causes us to understand that all of the leadership assignments and all of the spiritual gifts are ours to the end of the age. He also revealed that the final generation of the body of Christ prior to our resurrection on the last day would include the following qualities: We would ALL attain oneness in the faith; Oneness in the comprehension of the knowledge of God; The completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ's own perfection; Maturity in our faith demonstrated by our complete, Christ empowered unity in doctrine and practice. What this relates to is the 144,000, a metaphor for the body of Christ, identified as spiritual Israel, the "Israel of God." These have overcome every circumstance during the 4th, 5th, and 6th seals of "Tribulation," and they are sealed (redemption complete) immediately prior to the opening of the 7th seal identified as "Great Tribulation." These then bring in the multitude during the 3.5 years of Great Tribulation in the face of the worst Satan can do through his beast kingdom. This amazing event is also demonstrated in Daniel 9:24-27, the parable of the ten virgins, and Matthew 24 and 25


Parable of the Ten Virgins

In response to His disciple's question, "When will these things happen, and what will be the signs of your coming and the end of the age," He gave them a straightforward answer as recorded in Matthew 24, and the parables recorded in Matthew 25. The Parable of the Ten Virgins is the parabolic short version of what He revealed in Matthew 24 demonstrating a split in the body of Christ between the "wise" virgins (innocent before God because they are in Christ) and the "foolish" virgins (also in Christ) who do not respond appropriately to the Lord's commands during the 4th, 5th, and 6th seals of "Tribulation." What is demonstrated in both Matthew 24 and in the parable of the ten virgins is a "falling away" of the "foolish" in the escalating trouble to come. At the same time, the "wise" virgins overcome all of the assaults of the beast kingdom as they glorify Christ and bring in the multitude during the 3.5 years of "great tribulation."


Are We In the END TIMES?

In Matthew 24 the Lord gave us four categories related to events immediately prior to His return. These are "not yet the end," "the beginning of birth pains," "tribulation," and "great tribulation." In addition, He identified seven seals that would be opened progressively identifying seven progressive stages that the body of Christ would experience prior to His return on some future 1 Tishri, feast of atonement. And, as recorded in Revelation, He identified four horsemen, representing the spiritual entities controlling the horses, the men and institutions of men, whose color indicate the nature and purpose of the men and their institutions controlled or influenced by the spiritual "rider," horsemen. The understanding of these scriptural descriptions is now available to the generation who will experience them as the Spirit of truth "guides" us into a revelatory understanding.    


God’s Prophetic Calendar for the Seven Primary Events of Covenant Redemption in Christ

The Father has given us a calendar for the seven primary events of covenant redemption in Christ. It was originally Israel's calendar, but in spite of celebrating this calendar religiously, Israel failed to discern the time of their redemption, and these were judged for their failure as recorded in Luke 19:43-45.  This is now our calendar, the calendar for the redemption of spiritual Israel, the "Israel of God" in Christ. And those who fail to recognize the application of this calendar to events in our immediate future are in danger of rejecting their faith during the unexpected time of testing immediately ahead of us. 


The Awakening

Each time I hear “Awakening” by Hillsong I experience a deep anguish and longing in my spirit for the awakening of the body of Christ at large so that we might manifest the unified fullness and glory of Jesus Christ in a dark world.