The intent of God for the body of Christ is for us to be fully engaged in the warfare of the Kingdom of God against the Beast Kingdom as we bring the lost to faith and teach them to obey everything that He has commanded us. We are also COMMANDED in Ephesians 6:18 to engage in spiritual warfare with Satan and his beast kingdom as we bring the lost to faith and as we protect our fellow believers against the continual assaults of the beast kingdom against our fellow members of the body of Christ.

And, as a freedom minister who has been fully engaged in bringing the lost to faith, teaching them to obey EVERYTHING He has commanded us, and setting those believers who have been compromised to some degree by demonic influence, free again, I am fully aware and alert on behalf of any believer that the Lord brings to me in this regard. Yet, this is not a command for the few. This is a command and assignment for ALL  born again believers in Jesus Christ, even if it only includes intercessory prayer.