The End Times Church, as a ministry, does not specifically confirm the content of the following websites, but finds them to be generally helpful to end time believers.

Christian Media Research (CMR) provides extensive information about a number of modern Christian figures, phenomena, organizations, and more. Knowledgeable Christians are aware that we are presently awash in false doctrine and the “great falling away” prophesied in II Thessalonians. As part of the larger Christian Media ministry – encompassing a nationally distributed tabloid style print newspaper, two printed prophecy newsletters, a daily Internet prophecy commentary, Internet forum/fellowship groups, and three 24/7 Internet driven radio networks – this site was designed to be a resource and a reference on a wide variety of subjects.

Freed in Christ– the writings, art, and music of Dr. Jay Worth Allen and Miss Diana Allen. Dr. Jay is an author and theologian with deep spiritual insight and an elegant writing style whose keen wit and Spirit-guided understanding of true doctrine and practice is both interesting and moving. | A Brief Bio

The Voice of Elijah – Articles by Larry D. Harper, and a printed newsletter sent out quarterly. Larry has some great end times insights.

11th-Hour – Articles by various authors concerning the end times.

Post-Trib People– A directory of people and organizations holding the post-tribulation resurrection-“rapture” view. Includes a forum and numerous articles by various contributors.

The End-Times Christian – A website hosted by author, Robert Logston, containing numerous links to other end times sites and resources. This site has an important emphasis on preparedness for those who are already convinced that we are THE generation .

Greatsite – A rare Bible website with the most interesting and informative article tracing the origin of the Bible and Bible translations I have ever read, including the history of the Satanically inspired suppression of the Bible by the Roman Catholic Church during the dark ages.