Understanding God’s covenant intent in Christ clearly demonstrates that His intent, from before the foundations of the world, was for spiritual Israel, the Israel of God, including both Jews and Gentiles as one new man in Christ, not national, ethnic Israel. This one and only redemptive covenant in Christ includes all those who were sovereignly “reckoned” by God to be “righteous” from Adam forward, which includes the unborn and those who are incapable of knowing the right, knowing the wrong, and choosing the right. Yet, the vast majority of organized Christianity has adopted the Zionist doctrine of Jewish supremacy in the covenant intent of  God, teaching that God will “rapture” the church out of the way so He can restore His covenant intent with national, ethnic Israel.

Yet, the future for national, ethnic Israel, not included in Christ, is that Israel will become the “little horn” nation under the antichrist “man of sin” after he declares himself to be God and Messiah in the third temple rebuilt by modern religious Jews. Jerusalem, then, will become the world capital of “Babylon the Great.”